7 Things You Need to Know Before Your Mykonos Trip

It’s tough to say enough good things about Mykonos. We loved it there. Still, while we were wining, dining, and partying around the hotspot island, we picked up quite a few tips that we would’ve loved to know before we got there.

Take a peek at the 7 things you need to know before you head to the famous Grecian party hub.

1. When it comes to shoes, all you need is flats: I’m a true heels lover (particularly stilettos), but before I left for my trip my friends who have been to Mykonos before warned me not to bring them there. “The cobblestone makes it impossible to wear anything but flat shoes,” they said. Still, I couldn’t resist tucking a couple of pairs of heels in my bag before I left…you know…just in case. When I touched down in Mykonos though, I didn’t wear them one time. As it turned out, they were right. The cobblestone streets around town do actually make it impossible to wear heels. If you do, you will more than likely fall or you’ll have to take them off because of all the walking you’ll be doing in Mykonos Town and beyond. Trust me on this one ladies: leave your heels at home. Don’t even bring tall wedges.

2. Make dinner reservations: For the more popular dining spots around Mykonos, you will need reservations for dinner, and you’ll need to make those at least a couple of days ahead of time during high season (June-August). Ask your hotel concierge if they can take care of it for you or take a peek at our Mykonos dining guide, go with one of our top picks, and call for a reservation yourself. If the restaurant has an e-mail address, try e-mailing for reservations ahead of your trip.

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3. Dinner starts late and nighttime parties start even later: If you’re used to eating dinner at 7 p.m., let that go during your trip. Since most people are partying throughout the day, dinner usually starts at 10 p.m., and nightlife kicks off at midnight. How late do the parties go? Into the wee hours of the morning (as in 5 a.m.). Early arrival for clubs is usually considered to be before 2:30 a.m..

4. There is a Grecian Uber of sorts: We were lucky to stay in a hotel (Tharroe of Mykonos) that introduced us to Aegean Taxi, which is essentially the Grecian version of Uber. It changed the game for us for getting around the island, because it was quick, convenient, and we were even able to pick up tips from the drivers on the best places to go in Mykonos. Before you head to Greece, download the app from the Apple Store (it’s free), and set it up so you can use it when you get there.

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5. Four wheeling around Mykonos can be risky if it’s your first time: Before we went to Mykonos, we were told that we should rent an ATV and use that to get around Mykonos. I would say save that for Santorini. If you’re not an experienced ATV driver, driving around the winding roads around Mykonos – especially at night – can be tricky. On top of that, you’ll more than likely be drinking…a lot. Unless you have an experienced designated ATV driver, skip it and either walk or use Aegean Taxi to get around.

6. It’s windy: Seriously, really windy. When we got to our hotel, we stepped out to the pool deck to kick off our trip with a champagne toast, and a friend’s hat blew off and down a hill. The wind is that aggressive. It’s okay to bring a fedora or sun hat with you, but be careful with it when you wear it.

7. There are cats everywhere: I don’t know what it is about Mykonos, but cats seemed to love it just as much as we did. They are everywhere – in the alleys in Mykonos Town, on the steps of hotels, licking their paws by hotel pools, and we even saw one climbing around an open-air restaurant. Surprisingly, all of us quickly got used to them. If you’re not a fan of them, it’s good to know about the cat population before you go, but don’t let it scare you. It won’t ruin your trip.

There should be signs everywhere in Greece. On doorways and steps, at entrances and exits, on tables and street poles:, that say: Mind the cat. And it should mean two things: 1) Careful where you step, sit, drive because cat! 2) Take care of the cat. Feed it, love it, neuter it, adopt it. Reposted from @y.u.k.i.photo 〰️ Cat people are our kinda people. Please support the photographer of this pic by liking, following or dropping them a comment 〰️ Tag us or use the hashtag #catsandgreece to be featured . . . . . #catsofgreece #catsofinsta #catsoftheday #ig_greece #greece #greek #instagreece #mondays #mondaymood #mindthecat #instalifo #petitejoys #chats #katzen #greekislands #grecia #catphoto #greekcats #igcats #calico #ig_greece #mykonos #abmtravelbug #calico #calicocat #catnap #naptime #naps

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