About Us



Have you ever seen photos of friends traveling to exotic destinations on the ‘gram’ and thought ‘this is out of reach for me’? Or, ‘maybe next year when I have more money saved up’? Then, next year hits and you’re like…’maybe next year…?’

Destination Fab is here to inspire you…and not just to travel. We want you to think outside the box, explore the world you live in, and dream BIG. We want this to be a place that gives you that extra push to go after all that you desire.

This is a travel and lifestyle website that not only serves as a one-stop shop for travelers seeking advice on how to prepare for a trip to a particular destination, including what to wear, where to eat/drink, hidden gems, must-not-miss spots, etc., but also highlights some of our favorite places and events in the various cities we visit in everyday life.

On top of that, we’ll show you how to travel on a budget while you’re working hard to achieve your dreams, and how to splurge when you get there. Plus, we’ll give you some fab life tips along the way.

Think of this site as a pick me up for the start of your week. This is all about your journey on your destination to fab.

Brandi Fowler

Brandi’s love for travel, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle led her to a career as a multi-media journalist in Los Angeles. After graduating from Duke University and obtaining a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California, Brandi went on to work as a writer and editor for E! Online, a contributing reporter and writer for InStyle Magazine and InStyle.com, a writer and host for AOL’s Cambio, and has also contributed to the likes of the Travel Channel, MTV News, E! News, Citysearch, Australia’s TheFIX and more as a writer, on-camera host, reporter, editor and/or producer. Currently, she covers events for Instyle Magazine, writes fashion and entertainment news stories for InStyle.com, and is thrilled to finally be launching her passion project - Destination Fab!