5 Basic Things You Need for Home Workouts During Quarantine

We know it can be tempting to sit around, Netflix and chill, and munch on chips and cookies every day while we’re in quarantine (seriously, we do), but one of the best things we can do right now while we’re stuck inside is to take care of ourselves.  

People who are suffering from severe obesity and diabetes are at a higher risk for severe illness from CO-VID 19, according to the CDC. So, it’s important to make sure we’re staying healthy and fit while we’re at home. 

So, let’s do just that. Let’s come together, get off our couches, and change our bodies for the better. When this is all over, we’re heading straight to the beach…and we want you to come with us. 

We’re breaking down the five basic things you need for your home workouts when you don’t have a home gym, how to improvise if you don’t have hand weights, our fave app and Instagram workouts, and more in our Destination Quarantine Guide to Fab Fit series. 

For starters, here are the five basic things you need to work out at home if you don’t have a home gym – and our RewardStyle shoppable guide under each item below to make things a lot easier for you. We also put together our fave products workout products we’ve found on Amazon in our shoppable Amazon storefront.

1. A Yoga Mat

It sounds simple, but not everyone has one on hand. This will come in handy for ab exercises, yoga, pilates, cool down exercises and any other workouts you do where you spend time on the ground.  We also like to put a yoga towel over our mat for cool down stretching, meditation, and yoga exercises. Here are our top choices for yoga mats. You can shop these below and check out the link to our Amazon storefront as well. 

The Low Budget Hack: If funds are low, grab a thin towel or beach mat in your home instead.

2. Hand Weights

I ordered a pair of 10-pound and 15-pound hand weights for my quarantine workouts right around the time fitness studios and gyms started to close. I use the 10-pound dumbbells for light weight exercises and the 15-pound dumbbells for heavy weight exercises. I also recommend grabbing a pair of light weights (2 to 5 pounds) for cardio exercises that call for light weights. Go heavier or lighter depending on your preference and skill level. Weights can be tough to find in stores now, so we put together a few options below and in our Amazon storefront.

The Low Budget Hack: If you don’t have light weights, try using bottles of water or cans of soup. If you’re doing squats with weights, you can also use a water jug or take a pot and fill it with heavy books to achieve the weight you desire. When gyms and fitness studios started closing, I didn’t have hand weights yet. So, I put my ankle weights in my Instapot and used that for my heavy weight. 


3. Resistance Bands (i.e. Booty Bands)

Resistance bands are a great tool to help you tone your glutes, legs and abs faster, which is why you probably have seen them a lot on Instagram workouts for just that. 

I have used them for years and love them. When it comes to rubber resistance bands, I love Peach Bands. Those are great when you’re doing workouts that have cardio moves with bands and you need to put bands on your lower legs or calves. Fabric bands are more versatile and don’t roll up your legs while you’re doing certain exercises. I would grab a set of both – or if you just want to try one to start, go with fabric bands. Here are our choices for those below and on our Amazon storefront

4. Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are also a go to to help lift your butt and give you lean, toned legs. I use them to take my leg, glutes, and ab workouts up a notch. I recommend starting off with an adjustable ankle weight that is between 2.5 and 10 pounds so that you can increase the weight as your body gets stronger. Here are our top picks for those below and on our Amazon storefront

5. Medicine Ball/Kettlebells

Two totally different things, but I’m throwing them into one category because I consider them both bonus items. Having these around will help you elevate your workouts, but the first four things we mentioned are what you should buy before grabbing these. If you have weights, for example, you don’t necessarily need kettlebells, but it never hurts to have one on hand. 

Medicine balls are good for full body workouts and building body strength. Kettlebell workouts can help sculpt your abs, glutes, legs, arms, and back, and help improve core power, overall strength. 

Take peek inside our Amazon storefront to get the items we love the most for workouts at home. Stay safe everyone! 

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