How This Sleek Cadillac Ride Took Our Coachella Road Trip to the Next Level

When you don’t want to give back the car, that’s when you know it’s a different type of ride.

That’s exactly what happened after we spent the weekend riding around Coachella in Cadillac’s new CT6 Platinum, a sleek head-turning sedan that had people stopping us on the street to ask us details about it.

It was love at first sight for us too as soon as we laid eyes on the smoky gray metallic car, but when we stepped inside of it…it simply felt like magic. The features in the CT6 took it to the next level, and made our lives so much easier as we traveled around the desert to the hottest events of Coachella weekend.

Riding in the car felt like we were riding on air, which was amazing since having a comfortable ride at Coachella is key. Events are spread out across the desert, meaning one event – like Rachel Zoe’s Zoasis can be in Palm Springs, and another, like Bootsy Bellows McDonald’s Pool Party – can be a 40 minute drive away.

After riding around the festival and event hopping from day to night, we were beat, and we still had one major drive ahead of us – our trip back to Los Angeles. That drive is usually a nightmare, but riding in the CT6 helped us take it on with ease. We threw on our UGG x Desert X Coachella booties, turned on our seat massagers, and enjoyed the ride.

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It was the same way we felt when we road tripped up to Coachella with our good friends, Feven and Helena Yohannes last year: Cadillacs and road trips just go together, specifically when you’re driving this model.

Take a peek at the 6 reasons why the CT6 Platinum took our Coachella travels and road trip home to the next level!:

1. Super Cruise: The Cadillac CT6 Platinum actually can drive itself. It has hands-free technology for driving on the highway (how cool, right?!). It’s called Super Cruise and utilizes two advanced technology systems — a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map data — to make sure drivers are safe and confident using it. It also has automatic lane-centering and automatic control of speed and steering during highway driving.  It is everything for long distance travels.

Photo by: Shelly Fleming

2. The 3-D Cameras: I am not the best parallel parker…or parker in general, but it was easy to park the CT6, thanks to the 3D front and rear mirror views of the car’s surroundings. We could see what was in front or behind us (often raging Coachella goers) by just looking at the full-color display on the dashboard.

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The Sound System: What is a Coachella road trip without a party-starting playlist? No road trip at a. The Bose Panaray 34-speaker audio system gave us life as we cranked out our fave songs and rode through the desert. Things got even better when we realized we could turn the volume up or down or change a song just by touching the screen.

The Pick-Up: This car’s pick-up is incredible. In seconds, it can go from 0 to 60 mph quickly, thanks to its 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo engine with 404 hp. It felt like we were driving a sports car.

Photo by: Shelly Fleming

The Additional Features We Fell in Love With: First, this car will massage your back, and our backs needed that on the way back from Coachella. Each seat – front and back – can be heated and/or ventilated and comes with built-in massager. In addition to that, there is rear seat infotainment – 10” diagonal HD screens that slide up behind the headrests of the front seats – that passengers can watch. They come complete with built in HDMI inputs and two wireless dual-channel headphones.

Photo by: Shelly Fleming

The Trunk Space: One of the awesome things about Coachella events is the free swag that guests are given, but after a while storing those freebies can get tricky. We loved the trunk space in the car, which gave us room for our suitcases and duffel bags filled with goodies. This is also clutch on a road trip, when more than two friends are traveling together.

Happy road tripping this summer, Destination Fabbers!

Photo by: Shelly Fleming

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