12 Rooms You Can’t Miss Inside Refinery 29’s Los Angeles 29Rooms

29Rooms. 29 totally different, incredible experiences.

29Rooms is back in Los Angeles, and before it officially opened its doors at The Reef in downtown LA today, we headed to a sneak peek ahead of the crowds thanks to Mastercard to check it all out. The “Expand Your Reality” experience goes down from today until Dec. 9.

Tickets are about $40 for general admission to explore the space for three hours (and you’ll need the entire time to do it). Or, you can snag a Party After Dark ticket for about $70, which includes two drink tickets, performances, DJs, live art making, and more (you must be 21 and up). The crowds are smaller in the latter option. We’ve been to the Party After Dark experience and loved it.

So what are this year’s rooms all about? Get your tickets, right here, and take a peek at our fave rooms below!

Room #7: A Long Line of Queendom- Designed in collaboration with Refinery29’s Unbothered squad, this provocative and powerful room made us say “yassss!” as soon as we saw it. Splashed on a golden backdrop with cream pillars in front of it are sayings like “Black AF”, “Unapologetic”, Malcolm X”, ad “My Hair Isn’t Up for Debate.” It’s unapologetically black. Stand in the center and absorb the power in this room. The strength in it is palpable.

Room #22: Love Letter to the World –  In this open room designed with three giant red hearts on a blue sky backdrop, you can write your own love letter to the world. Artist Cocovan designed the room and told us she wants 29Roomers to take the room seriously, enjoy the vibe of the space, and share genuine love notes from their hearts. The long scroll love letter has been written on around the world.

Room #2: Inner Beauty Ball- If you like glitz and glam (we do, natch), you cannot miss this one. Draped with silver sparkly streamers, disco balls, and neon signs that say “Love It” and “Say Yes!”, this shimmery wonderland is the stuff our holiday party dreams are made of. It was designed in collaboration with House of Yas and even has a DJ booth you can hop behind.

The Bonus: Mastercard x Fred Segal- Mastercard teamed up with Fred Segal to provide a new immersive shopping experience that 29Room attendees can use in the exhibit and beyond. In the room, shoppers can virtually navigate through a three-dimensional version of Fred Segal and shop the store, as well as interact with their favorite brands, and engage with digital content.  If you can’t make it to 29Rooms, you can also try the experience from home, right here.

Room #14: Money Mantras – This bright blue room with a pyramid of piggy banks at its center is splattered with money mantras like “I Know My Worth!”. It’s a place to reflect on financial goals, get empowered, and strike a pose next to the piggies while you’re at it. It was designed in collaboration with R29 Money Diaries, and there are even cards emblazoned with money mantras in the room that you can stick inside the piggy banks before you go.

Room #18: A Conversation With Your Inner Child – This one is a bit on the abstract side, but we loved it. It was designed in collaboration with Carlota Guerrero, and there are statues at the center fo the room that feature you and your inner child. You’re encouraged to share what your inner child tells you with the world by writing it on a small sheet of paper.

Rooms #26-27: You Are Magic – These famed magical rooms designed by HoodWitch are back at 29Rooms. You can choose to take a snap in either (or both) crystal caves, which are designed to help tap you into your inner magic.

Room #25 : Claim the Stage – If you’re a fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you can’t miss this room. But even if you are not, don’t miss this room. When you walk inside, you’ll tell the room attendant your name and the screen will change to reflect it i.e. “The Marvelous Destination Fab.” You can hop on stage and grab the retro mic just like the one Mrs. Maisel uses, and stand in the spotlight with bright bulbs casting a glow of light around you.

Room #11: Star Matter – Any room where we can slip on a glowing cape sings to our soul. Designed by Nicole Richie, this otherworldly tented room represents the California skies of the 1970s. Slip on your cape, stand on a pedestal under the bright moon ball and take a journey into the night while the sounds of classic rock play around you.

Room #9 : The Full Picture- Kick back in directors chairs in front of a bright marquee emblazoned with “Hollywood Can’t Win Without Women.” The cool thing about this room is that you can open up the screen and walk through to the other side.

Room #19: Artists in Residence – This is an interactive experience filled with artists offering 15-minute art classes to visitors. One artist will even direct you put on a sponge-clad helmet and a plastic suit so that you can paint on an easel with your body.

Rooms #23: No Filter – Hop in front of a ring of bulbs and let the lights flow around you as you strike the perfect selfie with rays of color streaming along your face. You know those photos of people on the ‘gram that have an obvious filter that are tagged #nofilter? This is the vibe this room gave us.

29Rooms, you never disappoint.

(All photos by Alysse Stewart)

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