Inside LA’s New Instagrammable Spring Pop-Up: The Egg House

Could there a more Easter-perfect pop-up in LA? We think not.

After stops in New York and Shanghai, The Egg House has officially hatched in the City of Angels ahead of the holiday, bringing all of its eggs-tra glory to West Hollywood with its whimsical “egg” pool, pastel-hued basketball court, and more colorful photo opp spots that won it a cult following in its first two cities.

Located in a 12,000 square foot white building on Melrose Place (four times the size of the one in NYC), The egg-themed pop-up features 12 immersive scenes, including a 750 square foot pink and blue basketball court that pays tribute to the Staples Center, a Hollywood room, and a mini room complete with a table topped with teensy tableware as an ode to brunch moments in LA.

Photo Credit: Alysse Stewart

“Compared to the New York and Shanghai location, which only featured indoor imaginary spaces, The LA stop [showcases] outdoor attractions for the first time, which we are very excited about because of the infinite possibilities brought by the dream of the worldwide journey,” Biubiu Xu, founder of Egg House, said in a statement ahead of the March 20 opening.

So, is it worth the visit? We couldn’t resist checking it out to find out just that – and to give you all the details of the pop-up, including the rooms you can’t miss while you’re there. Take a peek at the five things to know about LA’s new Egg House!

Photo Credit: Alysse Stewart

There’s a Cute Story Behind the House: The pop-up theme was inspired by the dreams and travels of fictional character, Ellis the Egg, whose dreams of “eggventures” around the world and fantastical houses come to life in The Egg House. The pop-up was so successful in New York and Shanghai that the New York location alone had 60,000 visits in only three months, with over 1,000 visits per day on some weekends.

There Are Four Photo Opps You Can’t Miss: As we mentioned, there are 12 immersive areas in the House, including a set of yellow swings in a blue egg crate room, a Hollywood egg room, and more, but these were the photo opps we loved the most.

Photo Credit: Alysse Stewart

The Egg Pool: A sign emblazoned with “The Last One In Is a Rotten Egg!” serves as as the backdrop to the blue egg pool, which is filled with yellow and white plastic eggs and soft egg pillows. Slip your shoes off (you can’t go in with them on), jump inside, throw up some eggs, and have a blast. It will bring out the kid in the you. There’s also a prop phone to play with for photos…or just for fun. We did both…natch.

Photo Credit: Alysse Stewart

The Egg Crate: This life-sized egg crate sits right at the entrance, and we loved it. You can kick back on the top part of the crate, grab one of the life-size eggs, or use them to prop yourself up for different poses.

Photo Credit: Alysse Stewart

Brunch Babes: What is brunch in LA without a good photo moment anyway? Not brunch at all. Hence, why we were smitten with the mini brunch room, also near the entrance. Take a seat in the egg-shaped chairs, play around with the mini plastic silverware sets and tray on it, and don’t forget to take full advantage of the neon sign on the palm-tree lined walls that says “Brunch Babes.”

Photo Credit: The Egg House

Basketball Court: You can’t hit a slam dunk here (you’ll probably bring the whole house down), Still, we had a good time playing around on this mini court, where you can shoot non egg-shaped balls into the blue rims.

What You Should Wear: Bright, neon yellows and pinks (pastel and hot pinks are key) pop the most here, but so will reds and fun egg-print tops. Try to stay away from bright blues since you could blend in with the backdrops of the egg crate swing set and other areas of the pop-up, but don’t be afraid to play with prints.

No matter what, be creative with your look and have fun. I mixed it up, rocking an iridescent Topshop sequin top under denim and white jean jackets, a Topshop multi-colored tank tucked into high waist linen trousers, and my fave Three Floor snakeskin dress.

Photo Courtesy: The Egg House

The cost and opening dates: The Egg House (located at 708 N. Croft Ave., Los Angeles, 90069) will close its doors on April 20, so make sure to check it out before it’s too late. Tickets are $30 a pop for adults, and $20 for seniors and kids under $10. Get your tickets, here.

The Eggstras: There are complimentary egg-shape snacks and candy around the house, and a place to get temporary tattoos of eggs, bacon, and toast.

Happy Egg Hunting, Destination Fabbers :)!


  • Donna / 3 April 2019 4:42

    What a fabulous way to get “eggstra” motivated for Spring and Easter! ? I Love it!!

    • Brandi Fowler / 23 April 2019 8:39

      Thanks Donna! We’re glad you liked the post! We had a blast at the Egg House 🙂