A Trip Through Creep LA’s LORE

“Knock three times,” a corpse bride, who stepped out of a wooden casket, whispered in my ear. I was standing in front of a door with no clue as to what was behind it. My first thought: Absolutely not. My second: What happened to the member of our group who they placed in a separate casket behind us…which had a drunken, creepy, grave drifter laying on top.

The corpse bride wouldn’t move from my cheek…so I took a deep breath, uttered an expletive, and knocked.

Welcome to LORE: The latest L.A. Halloween thriller.

From the creative minds behind Creep LA and the Willows, this interactive theatrical experience is geared towards thrill seekers, and takes those who dare to step into its lair into a haunting, multi-sensory wonderland. Attendees are led inside the one-hour walkthrough in groups of eight, and as they creep through pitch black hallways, they enter rooms that tell the story of Amazon Prime Exclusive’s upcoming series Lore.

Lore is a six-episode anthology series that presents frightening tales based on real people and events, and explores the most legendary horror myths, like vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances and possessed dolls. So, I was in for quite the treat.

I’m an October baby, and I love horror movies, but being in a real-life horror film…not so much. Still, I committed to go, so in the 11th hour when I almost changed my mind, I headed downtown to Magic Box LA.

When I got there, we were split up into groups, and they handed us blindfolds emblazoned with “Creep LA.” Instead of our eyes, we covered our mouths, and were told to keep quiet. We walked down a staircase to a dark room, and a bald woman dressed in all black soon entered and walked up to each of us. She made one person in our group eat something from a bowl she had in her hand.

Then, she opened the door to a pitch-black hallway, and the experience began. Each room was like walking into a live theatrical show. We saw an investigator with huge pitch black pupils sitting in a room filled with tragic news clippings, and a woman screaming about the loss of her baby as she looked up at baby dolls hanging from a tree.

The actors touched our faces, asked us questions, grabbed our hands, separated us, and took us into different areas. There was an even a point where I was in a large dark room by myself filled with strobe lights…illuminating a werewolf just a few feet away.

The most frightening part about LORE was not knowing what we would find when we entered each room, or what was waiting in the dark on our way there. But, it was an experience that I would highly recommend, especially if you like a good thrill.

When we got to the end, we all breathed a sigh of relief as we were led to a Lore lounge where we grabbed custom cocktails like the Nightly Medicine and Wolf of the Woods, and snapped photos in the photo booth.

“That was really cool,” so many of us said. Others added that they would do it again. Once was enough for me.

Tickets for Creep LA: Lore are for adults only and start at $65. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Creep LA. Lore streams globally on Amazon Prime on October 13th.

Try it if you dare.

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